Sarah (spamsama) wrote,

OMG You guys....I'm such a dweeb.

Like you didn't know I was a dweeb right?

Well, Den of Angels implemented some nice new changes that I went absolutely bonkers over this morning. I took about two and half hours and editted all my posts with tags and the new prefixes.

Right now about 85% of those tags listed are ones I've put up there. Elfdoll Red and Wu will likely never been featured that largely again ( never know!). God, I think I went a little overboard. I can't help it.

Yeah. Most of that is me. Going crazy over the tag system. Oi. I almost wish the mods had gone through and done some of the more popular tags, as I know this sounds anal but "iplehouse" and "volks" need to be uppercased. But I can see why they're letting us go nuts. Oh. And I tagged two threads with an "Eldoll Red" and fixed it. Dur.

I tagged feedback threads with user names (the threads that I've started) and also as "feedback". Maybe I go too far with the tagging thing. Maybe. I can't help it. It's in my DNA.
Tags: dolls, geek, random

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