Sarah (spamsama) wrote,

Here I am!

I made to DC! Fourteen hours of driving with a half-drugged, recently-shaved, grumpy cat. Oh yeah, good times. Actually, the drive was good. Traffic was light all the way up until Richmond and we were going the speed limit and passing truckers the entire way up. Fuel prices are really hitting those guys hard, especially the independent truckers. But who knows with all the work on alternative fuels and such that is finally getting the public's attention like it should have years ago...we maybe be seeing hyrid semis on the road someday soon.

To pass the time, I mostly chatted with Mom and checked on the cat, but billboards were a constant source of amusement through the trip. There's a place called "South of the Border", which started advertising it's giant, monster, mega-tourist trap self in Georgia. Contrary to it's name, South of the Border is located just north of the North Carolina/South Carolina border. Here's some of the billboards I can remember:

- VIRGIN STURGEON. And unused bagels. (this is some kind of Jewish joke apparently?)
- Talk with the Toucan!
- Pedro's fireworks!
- Fill your trunque weef Pedro's junque! (this was the best one, you can imagine all the immature jokes I made)


Going on base today and maybe Oldtown Alexandria. Cheers!
Tags: funny, travel, washington d.c.

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