Sarah (spamsama) wrote,

22 Days Later

Well, traveling in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy was all fine and dandy. I shall write about that in length tomorrow most likely. Getting back from Europe to America was another problem entirely. Here's the short version:

DO NOT FLY WITH LUFTHANSA OR ANY AIR CARRIER OF STAR ALLIANCE. (If you can avoid these air carriers while flying internationally, that is.)

When my Mom and I reached Munich International we were unceremoniously informed the flight was canceled and we had to wait two extra days to go home. Oh, unless we wanted to upgrade to business class. A mere five thousand euros. A piece. Mom decided that as much as she wanted to get home forking over sixteen thousand dollars wasn't the answer.

I have to say, spending two extra days in Germany filled me with glee. I love that place. It was like...going home, in a way. And the weather returned to the mid sixties, as apposed to the mid eigthies to mid nineties we had experienced for two weeks solid.

Monday rolls around and we get to the airport again and print out a boarding pass. Now mind you, Mom had secured us seats on the US Airways flight back home. The new boarding passes? An earlier flight on stand-by notice. The man at the counter claimed he couldn't do a thing, because he had a Lufthansa computer and the supposed tickets were in the US Airways computer. Excuse me? Seriously, this is the twenty-first century with all it's glorious bells and whistles of technology and you're telling us that two computers can't even talk to each other to pull information? No wonder the airlines are going under!

So, we sat. And then we get paged. After ten minutes of fussing we find someone at a service desk. He promptly informs us that he didn't page us, but changed his mind once Mom decided she'd had just about enough of this and glared daggers into his eyeball. He asked us why we had tickets for an earlier flight. I thought Mom was going to lose it right there and murder him on the spot. She tells him that was what was printed and he says we have seats on the flight that Mom confirmed earlier.

After all this fussing, would you believe that the 777 that took us home...a plane that must carry a couple hundred people, mind you...only had maybe SEVENTY passengers on board? Needless to say, I took up four seats and had a lovely nap. The flight back was excellent in that regard, really. But if you think about it, none of it made sense of the airlines to fly such an empty plane.

We get into DC and Mom's had it. I've had it. I don't want to board another plane and fly the rest of the way home. So, we rent a car and drive over to visit Dad and get Mom's cat. The next day we drive to Alabama to visit the Grandparents. They have a new kitten (which had been kinda promised to me but Grandpa decided to keep her...that's another story altogether). I had nothing to do for three days. Mom and I drove home today. And now we're not going anywhere else for awhile and I'm waaay tired!

Enough yakking from me. Time for sleep!
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