June 16th, 2008

Shaun of the Dead - OMG!

OMG Someone shoot me.

Well. Finished tagging the database threads. Every thread now has at least one tag. Every. Single. Thread. All Five Hundred and Thirty One of them. Granted a few here and there were tagged but still. My fingers hurt! And my OCD over the tag system is still not abated! ACK!

Someone stop me or I'll tag up the entire board at this rate! @___@
X-Files Truth

Do the right thing.

I've had one hell of a day. Perhaps bad, but mostly good in the end I think.

Well. At the end of it all I've walked away with a renewed sense of myself. Do right by yourself and you'll end up ok.
Firefly - Big Damn Heroes

My Dad is a Big Damn Hero...What about yours?

So....leaving for Washington D.C. in about seven hours. Naturally, I haven't packed yet. As much as I miss Dad all the time, I enjoy going up to D.C. to see him. It's a great town. We're going to catch a Nationals game on Friday. Maybe the National Cathedral, maybe a museum or two that I haven't seen yet in the seven years he's been stationed in D.C. My Mom and I are driving up tomorrow and driving back on Saturday. Roooad triiiip! \m/

It finally, honest to God, thunderstormed today. We really needed the rain. Hopefully, the regular summer rain pattern will set up this year and I won't have to keep worrying about my plants. It rained and then cleared before sunset. Everything was green and wet and the sun was low, casting a gold glow over everything. The busy intersection at my townhouse complex was completely devoid of cars for a full minute while I went about getting the mail from the box. It was awesome. I grinned ear to ear, it was just a great way to end a day.

So, here's to hoping your day ended well. And that I have smooth sailing on my drive tomorrow!