Lucas - >:D

I can has arts...kinda.

Well, scanner still doesn't love me. I've tried reinstalling the drivers and no dice. But I'm swiping my sister's scanner/printer because she's getting a wireless one. Now the question is where to put the dang thing...

Anyways. Arts. I think I'll make it a mission to do fanart of a bunch of people for awhile to get back into the habit. Hopefully. I say these things and then sometimes my get-up-and-go up and leaves me in the if I don't get around to fanarting a doll of yours or a character of yours please don't feel unloved. ;__;

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I need to get to bed at a decent hour, instead of sitting glued to the computer all night. Gah! (edit: I just realized how Lucas-centered this post is...Lucas LJ icon, Lucas LJ background, Lucas art post...I am so damn glad that kid doesn't have too fat of an ego (yet) XD ).
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Quark - Bad Hair Day


I can't figure out this funky mood. I really can't. And that bothers me more than the "I'm feeling anti-social" bit, too.


edit: Ok, figured it out. Upset tummy. :(

Also while I'm thinking about it. I'm considering doing a Volks USA order, especially if they have tabi feet and H-03 hands in stock cause I'm a dork that way. Anyone interested in getting anything?
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Oh shiny!


Whee. Summer is fun. Summer is lazy. Summer is when I should be able to get alot of my personal hobby stuff done. HAHA!

Instead, I've just poked about. Tomorrow I head over to my sister's apartment to move her across the hall into her swank two-bedroom one, and I think this will get me out of my funk. Today I woke up and decided to be horribly anti-social, I don't know why exactly. Somedays are just like that, I suppose.

Anyways, once again I spam you with some doll pictures. I love this camera, I can't figure out a damn thing on it, but I love it anyways. I feel so inspired about picture taking now that I can have DEPTH OF FIELD.

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Maybe I should work on my website. Yeah. >.>;
Deep Space Nine Opening Credits

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Had set up a photostory shoot today because...I have no life. But it got overcast pretty quickly and I haven't figured out how to do anything on this camera yet. And so I couldn't even take photos because it was so dark! Enjoy the epic fail of my photos? T___T;

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It amuses me very much that Lucas, my oldest original character, and Miles, my newest original character, get along so well. They are both complete dorks. <3
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Guild Wars - Maedai Amarth

Killing things.

Kicked some ass, took some names, wiped out the party about twelve times but playing Guild Wars tonight with melime was awesome! It's sad I just feel to burned out on this game after three years to not play everyday like I used to...Ah well. Just wait until Guild Wars 2 and I'll be obsessed again once more, most likely.

Also, I cut mah hair really short. Now it's bearable! The lady had to take about six or eight inches off and I have thick hair so it was like two pounds of hair. Crazy!

My sister is moving into a bigger apartment on Friday, which is good because then I can hijack her printer/scanner and finally start uploading some dang art!
Firefly - Evil Laugh


Two steps forward...twelve steps back, I tell ya. Nothing major, just stupid little things that pile up all at once.

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Homeowning is the singularily most wonderful and frustrating experience all at once, I swear. In other news, Miles has sneakers that match mine. It makes me stupidly happy. Pictures...tomorrow?

Shaun of the Dead - STFU N00B

First day of freedom!

First day of summer break and I had to get up so FPL could check out the house and say "HAY U NEED MOAR INSULATION". Which was what I was hoping they'd say because then my room wouldn't be three hundred seventy eight degrees in the afternoon. Oddly enough? I had enough of that. So, next solution is hurricane shutters.

Which makes me sad, because they are expensive. And what have I been doing lately? Throwing money around on dolls. Not that I haven't been saving still but, ugh, thank you karma for making me feel like an ass.

Of course, with me being on summer break, expect these posts to be more ADD in nature. In other news: Funny Zelda animation on youtube. Final Fantasy Crisis Core Soundtrack on youtube.

Also, Mikey's back. Den of Angels gallery thread.
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Garak - HI! :D


About to crash for the night. Whiped out from a very long school year! And also, Wii Fit kicked my ass yesterday with the boxing, it's more of a work-out than I thought it would be!

Utterly failed in cleaning my room today. FPL will be here tomorrow morning to inspect how sucky the insulation is on this house. My room is a firey pit of humidity in the summer, but I wouldn't trade the view for nothing.

I took some pictures of Calcifer today. They're posted on Den of Angels, as usual. Thinking I'll give him a fire tattoo across his back or something crazy? I have a couple of doll projects to keep me busy for awhile, depending on lazyness. Flick needs those awful scars on his back gone. I think I'll give Dae a manicure/pedicure and some body blushing. Going to take the body blushing off of Chris and Lucas because it's worn off in places. Not sure if I'll put it back on, though.

Oh! And Mikey is coming in tomorrow, making him the last member of the crew. He'll need a face-up. Anyone want to come over and sniff MSC with me? XD

So that should keep me amused for a couple of daysan afternoon.

Other to-do list:
- Website
- fix scanner
- measure bed for maybe a new bed frame
- Comic/artworking

Good night! Zzzzz.
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Shaun of the Dead - OMG!

I'M FREE!!!!!

I'M FREE!!!!!


Until August 11.

But still.

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Firefly - Let&#39;s Be Bad Guys



I've had the damn thing for like...eight years. Man. I hope I can still find drivers for it.

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